BEICBritish Egg Industry Council
BEICBaku Education Information Centre (Azerbaijan)
BEICBuilt Environment Innovation Centre (UK)
BEICBritish East India Trading Company
BEICBirmingham Economic Information Centre (UK)
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In an interview with Feedinfo News Service, BEIC CEO Mark Williams discusses new EU rules banning the production of eggs in conventional cages as well as current trends in the UK egg production industry.
BEIC is a Nevada corporation that is publicly listed in the US.
Craig Bickerton, senior economic analyst at the BEIC, and author of the report, said of the forecasts: 'The last 25 years have seen a diversification away from manufacturing.
BEIC subscribers account For approximately 90 percent of the UK egg market, which provides consumers with eggs from hens kept IC) higher standards of animal welfare and hygiene control.
Paice told parliament that many retailers, suppliers and food manufacturers had made commitments to only source legally produced eggs from 2012, but the BEIC warned there were still many that had not done so.
BEIC Chief Executive Mark Williams commented: "BEIC is very pleased to have appointed NSF-CMI to take on the role of independent assessment and certification of the Lion Quality scheme.
To back its case, the BEIC has commissioned a report on the ban from EFFP, which said Scotch eggs and Yorkshire pudding were among the foods most likely to contain illegal egg.
Xuedong Hu, the former CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEIC, and Jian Wang, a former director of BEIC, resigned their positions as directors by their conduct effective October 15, 2004; (2) to have the judge declare that the remaining directors lawfully removed Xuedong Hu as our Chief Executive Officer, effective October 15, 2004; (3) to have the judge order the removal of Hu and Wang under the guidelines of Colorado law for alleged dishonest and fraudulent conduct; and (4) asking the judge to rescind the December 2001 Share Exchange Agreement.
The BEIC, which has written to Defra, is warning that the situation is putting thousands of UK jobs at risk.
The website will be a "valuable resource for individuals who have an active lifestyle and are looking for cost-effective and convenient meal ideas," added BEIC chief executive, Mark Williams.
BEIC is a China-based iron and steel raw materials supplier that supplies ferrochromium alloy, among other products, to TISCO.
The BEIC has also criticised the FSA for failing to encourage caterers to use Lion eggs.