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BEISDepartment for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (UK)
BEISBrand Energy & Infrastructure Services (various locations)
BEISBulgarian Enterprises Information System
BEISBritish Egg Information Service
BEISBiogenic Emissions Inventory System
BEISBureau of Early Intervention Services
BEISBusiness Enterprise Information Services
BEISBilingual Education Interest Section (TESOL)
BEISBAMSI Employee Information Service
BEISBusiness and Economics Information Services
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There's also the possibility that the BEI has already received the debit cards but has not yet encashed it with the bank.
Aside from private school teachers, the poll body may also tap members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to serve as BEI members in case existing security conditions will prevent regular BEI members to perform election duties.
It has been my experience that the beis din is more interested in compromise than in the word of Jewish law," Bohrer said.
Greg Clark, the BEIS secretary of state, said: "The safety of consumers is paramount.
The Beis survey also revealed around a third of people (30%) were either fairly or very worried about paying their energy bills, a similar level to the same time last year, but much lower than a few years ago.
It has been three weeks now since the national elections and yet our teachers, who served as BEIs and support staff, remain unpaid of their honoraria, said ACT Chair Benjie Valbuena in an interview during their protest action in front of the Comelec Main Office in Manila.
Borra el labio con el corrector de ojeras y pintalo en beis.
Yes, the houses built, and sts ill beis ng built, in the area of the "easy up, easy down''" build, have a lifespan in the decades, not centuries Given the choice, I''m sure most buyers would prefer a renovated and updated Victorian house rather than one where you can hear your neighbour every time they flush the toilet.
Renaissance Realty Group announced a 22,500 s/f lease for Beis Yaakov of Bensonhurst at the property located at 120 Avenue M in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.
And let us merit to see, quickly, the red= emption of Yisrael, and gaze upon the building of the Beis HaMikdosh, quick= ly in our days, amen.
BEIS has won support from all the major retailers bar one and is planning in-store promotions, recipe tastings, events and special egg packs.
En Antojo deportivo, Lucy Farias y Aldo Fernandez proponen combinar el deporte preferido--fut, beis, box, basquet, tenis, golf, etc.