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BEJBursa Efek Jakarta (Jakarta Stock Exchange; India)
BEJBiochemical Engineering Journal (Elsevier BV)
BEJBerau Airport (airport code; Indonesia)
BEJB. Everett Jordan Elementary School (Graham, NC)
BEJBest Engineering Judgment
BEJBiroului Electoral Judetean (Romanian: County Election Office; Romania)
BEJBusiness and Economics Journal (AstonJournals)
BEJBulgara Esperanto-Junularo (Esperanto: Bulgarian Youth Esperanto Association)
BEJBest Expert Judgement
BEJBureau d'Etudes Jacquet (French civil engineering research company)
BEJBlanc Européen Juif (French: White European Jew; sociological classification)
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LOCKED OUT: Kerry Murphy and Chris Downey, right, who ran Bej restaurant in Hoylake
Foodie Facts Venue: Bej, 20 Market Street, Hoylake CH47 2AE Tel: 0151 632 1122 Website: www.
Imam of Skopje's Isa bej mosque Ramadan Ramadani reacted to the decision passed by the Basic Court in Skopje, requiring him to withdraw.
The Robert Collet-trained Zipping, who beat May Ball in the Prix de Ris-Orangis, looks the pick of the home team, while the field includes three Irish runners (Minashki, Lahinch and Agnetha), Italian hopes Oh Bej Oh Bej and Slap Shot, and Swedish raiders Aramus and Nobel Prize.
60 12-33 7-36 Referees 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008 Referees Contacted SD/Bej Seattle Hawaii No of reports requested 643 826 942 No of reports received 260 335 347 No of referees contacted 627 741 848 No of referees sent report 275 287 378 No of referees > 1 report 15 55 35 Note: Bej = Beijing; HK = Hong Kong; SD = San Diego; SF = San Francisco; Syd = Sydney; Tp = Taipei; Vane = Vancouver.
Koha writes that another criticism for MANU's (Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts) dilettantism is that numerous eminent Albanian individuals, such as Dervish Cara, Dervish Hima, Hamdi bej Ohri, Jashar Ere Bara, Mehmed Pash Derala, and Josfi Bageri, are not mentioned in this encyclopedia.
allow the construction of the exploitation curves defined through the area exposed to the air blown by the rotor of the turbine (S) and the mode of operation (n) see (Gyulai, 2000 b; Gyulai & Bej, 2000).
Repertory could finish only fifth behind the Maurizio Guarnieri-trained Oh Bej Oh Bej in the Listed Premio Certosa at San Siro, Milan yesterday.