BEKABoeing Employees' Karate Association (Washington)
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As for academic standards, Miller's trio of students rely on the offerings of Bob Jones University Press and A Beka, a Christian curriculum produced by the fundamentalist Pensacola Christian College in Florida.
BEKA toys manufactures wooden blocks, easels, train tables, and looms at their factory on Selby Avenue in S.
HELPING HANDS: Beka Eaton, Penny Burton and Claire Madill get stuck in.
The school features K-12 classes of eight to 12 students; nondenominational, challenging A Beka and Saxon curriculum; and a four-day week (Monday to Thursday).
Arber Beka, spokesman of Kosovo's police, said that there was an international warrant issued for the two persons while the prosecution and court are to determine the detention.
Ahli's Mohd Youla Beka and Cortez Crisp shared the scoring honours with 15 each.
99) provides Book 3 in the Beka Cooper series and represents the final third book of a trilogy--so it's a pick for collections that have enjoyed popularity with the prior books about the young heroine.
Lakatos was brought in at just 48-hours notice after Georgian Beka Sadjaia was prevented from travelling because of a visa problem.
The reply President Beka had given, "What do you really mean; you have an air forceC* you are very strong.
Tamora Pierce has Tortall and the Other Land--A Collection of Tales including a sneak peek at the next Beka Cooper novel (Omnibus $22.
Officially, we had come to see the parking lot lighting fixtures that had been produced by the only major lighting manufacturer in the country, BEKA.