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BELABangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association
BELABering Land Bridge National Preserve (US National Park Service)
BELABasic Expedition Leaders Award (UK)
BELABoston E-Learning Association (est. 2001; Boston, MA)
BELABasic Education Literacy Authority (Pakistan)
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Bela Tiffany; and I rejoiced at the oddity of the name, because it gave his image and character a sort of individuality in my conception.
Contract notice: Within the framework of a contract of sale ~for the purchase of food bela gEilfi nonprofit kft.
The channel's remaining 19 hours of original programming are produced by TV Fiesta in Guadalajara, Mexico, for Bela Broadcasting and are culturally relevant to all U.
But like Bela, Jim found love again and has now set up home with his partner Helen, a Dublin architect's assistant.
Bela purchased the formerly Camarillo-based station from Biltmore Broadcasting LLC in March 2004.
Bela and the posse arrived too late, it would seem.
Bela Kalman was born in Hungary and immigrated to the United States during the 1956 uprising.
Bela Denkinger, here with wife Karen and sons Jonathan, 6, and Matthew, 1, will run in the Los Angeles Marathon to raise money for the Hydrocephalus Association.
But long before he came to Hollywood, Lugosi - who was born Bela Blasko in October 1882, later taking his stage name from his hometown of Lugos, Hungary - was a classically trained actor in his native country.
It was a very unfortunate career decision for Bela, and a fortuitous one for my father.
Glendale-based Comedy III is operated by Earl and Bob Benjamin, stepsons of Curly replacement Curly Joe De Rita, and by Dracula actor Bela Lugosi's son, also named Bela.
Bela Lugosi, with his pale skin, black evening clothes and black cape, created the vampire look.