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BELLCOREBell Communications Research
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The ANX service has been designed to meet automotive trading partner business requirements for electronic commerce," said Bryan Whittle, general manager of the ANX Overseer business at Bellcore.
What is significant about the Bellcore attack is that an error introduced at nearly any stage of computation can produce a favorable result for the opponent," says Burton S.
LIU Transmitter: Bellcore GR-499, GR-253 and ANSI T1.
Where our ISO 9002 certification ensures compliance to a quality system standard, Bellcore Bare Printed Circuit Board certification helps to ensure process and product conformance for long-term reliability.
When first developing the battery for Bellcore, they discovered that when they initially charged the battery, it lost 25 percent of its capacity because some lithium ions got stuck at the carbon and didn't cycle back and forth.
The agreement between Bellcore Learning Services and The Saratoga Group provides Bellcore with a way to integrate its library of telecommunications courses with The Saratoga Group's database-driven intranet training delivery and management system.
This new photonic crystal solves two outstanding problems, the Bellcore team says.
Successful completion of Bellcore's OSMINE process means that the Bellcore NMA system has been modified to support AFC's UMC 1000.
Bellcore will be developing customized software for echoMEDIA -- based on its Soliant Advertiser ad management system -- that will incorporate critical features and functions into echoMedia's Sesame-Ad system.
CO: Pirelli Cables and Systems North America; Bellcore ST: South Carolina IN: TLS SU:
ATS and Bellcore share the belief that the future of competitive differentiation for telecommunications providers will be based on features, flexibility and quality of customer care and billing services that can be offered to their customers," said McGuire.
Telcordia Technologies, formerly Bellcore, is an SAIC company providing software, engineering, consulting and training services to optimize the performance of communication networks worldwide.