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BEMBoundary Element Method
BEMBaptism, Eucharist and Ministry
BEMBordeaux Ecole de Management (French: Bordeaux School Management; Bordeaux, France)
BEMBritish Empire Medal
BEMBug Eyed Monster (science fiction writing plot device)
BEMBoard of Engineers Malaysia
BEMBusiness Excellence Model
BEMBig Emerging Markets
BEMBuilding Energy Management
BEMBMC Event Manager (BMC Software)
BEMBâtiment d'Essais et de Mesures (French: Building Test and Measurement; French Navy)
BEMBasic Emergency Management (Ontario, Canada)
BEMBasis Expansion Model
BEMBandwidth Efficient Modem
BEMBandwidth Efficient Modulation
BEMBusiness Engineering Management
BEMBachelor of Environmental Management
BEMBayesian Expectation-Maximization
BEMBig Eyed Monster (science fiction)
BEMBoolean Expression Manipulator
BEMBooger Eating Moron
BEMBachelor of Engineering of Mines
BEMBusiness Executives' Move for New National Priorities
BEMBusiness Engagement Manager
BEMBuilding Equipment Mechanic (US Postal Service)
BEMBanco do Estado do Maranhão SA (Maranhão State Bank, Brazil)
BEMBureau d'Etudes Maritimes (French shipbuilding company)
BEMBusiness Execution Manager
BEMBlade Element Model
BEMBase Entry Monitor System
BEMBit Error Monitor
BEMBase Energy Manager
BEMBasic Education Manual
BEMBinary-Element Method
BEMBeaunit Corporation
BEMBeaufort & Morehead Railroad
BEMBureau of Executive Manpower
BEMBachelor of Mining Engineering
BEMBureau des Etudiants en Médecine (French: Bureau of Medical Students; Belgium)
BEMBureau d'Etude Métallerie (French: Office of Metalwork Study)
BEMBureau d'Etudes Mécaniques (French: Mechanical Engineering Department)
BEMBusiness Event Management (method)
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In this work, a BEM analysis of partial and supercavitating flows around axisymmetric bodies is presented and two models of termination of the cavity (simple model and reentrant jet) are compared.
BEMs are the jaw-dropping events journalists and the public love because they define the campaign and usually the fortunes of one of the parties.
He was awarded the BEM for services to the community of Cleveland.
A total of 1,201 people were recommended to the Queen for an award, with 1,064 candidates selected at BEM, MBE and OBE level, while 72 percent of recipients were involved in charitable or voluntary work in their local community.
based June's Uniquely Yours, which specializes in Victorian inspired wedding and other special occasion attire, BEM will provide strategic marketing counsel, ecommerce website design, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as the company expands its ecommerce presence.
InfraMetrix was recently awarded a number of BEM Survey contracts in Colorado, Ecuador, Florida, and Nevada.
where [GAMMA] symbolizes the boundary, and the Dirichlet conditions are considered at 20[degrees]C for natural convective air-cooling BEM formulation, Green's function as a solution of the Equation (2) through (7) as follows.
Calvin on ministry within the church (31-109) is read for what he says in the Institutes about ecclesiology and ministry in ways that may be amenable to emphases in BEM.
The authors believe that BEM subdomain techniques will become a logical choice in the future, substituting for the finite element method whenever an efficient solution requires coupling of the BEM with a domain technique.
Remarks on Schlegel's History of Literature," BEM 3.
BEM managing director Tony Saia said Harrington had a first-class reputation for designing and supplying innovative equipment for power where access to mains power was unavailable.
The BEM classes took place for 30 minutes, once a week, during the school day.