BEMEBest Evidence Medical Education
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It is now commonly accepted that high book value of equity to market value of equity (BEME) portfolios outperform low BEME portfolios in stock-price return.
The finance literature is also concerned with explaining the dominance of high BEME portfolios since this result is contrary to the risk-return relationship forecasted by the traditional capital asset pricing model (CAPM).
Lakonishok, Shleifer, and Vishny (1994) and Haugen and Baker (1996) attribute the BEME effect to irrational investors and inefficient markets.
decile) portfolios ranging from a high to low BEME portfolios.
To ascertain the impact of the recent bull and bear market on the BEME strategy, we break the sample into two distinct time periods--July 1997 through June 2000, and July 2000 through December 2002.
Hewlett-Packard Company and IPC Magazines, Europe's leading publisher of women's magazines, have formed an alliance to deliver to BEME.
At a European press launch today, IPC and HP demonstrated how BEME.
A selection of relevant articles and features drawn from BEME.
In September 1999, IPC announced an initial investment of (pound)25 million in e-commerce developments and BEME.
Die verbruikersgemeenskap kom telkens onder skoot; in "dronk gedraai iv" staan daar: "ons eet van tafels af wat bemes is / met die herwinning van ons eie afval en uitskot / vasgevang in die siklus wat deur ons papille / gedryf word // die onstuitbare kringloop van tafel> / toilet>tafel>toilet>seks>tafel // [.
His debilitating fever (95-96, 127-28), Venus's tears, and the entire love affair can be reduced to astrological metaphors: planets "kovered with the bemes of the Sunne" were "cleped combust, or brent" (North 309, citing Alkabucius); Venus conventionally brings rain and moisture (North 310); "the common verb used to describe conjunction in the astrological manuals is copulare" (Wood 147); and even love and hate were a "general metaphor for expressing the accord or discord supposed to obtain between planets in aspect with one another" (Laird 230).