BEMRBaseline Environmental Management Report
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So the BEMR Lab team, and its partners at SSC Pacific and ONR, are not only trying to imagine a destination--they're drawing a whole new road map to a destination unknown.
To date, much of the BEMR Lab technology unashamedly leans on those goggles--because why reinvent the wheel, when all you really need to do is put the new wheel on your vehicle?
I was looking for what technology area to focus on the rest of my life," said Arne Odland, chief technologist at the BEMR Lab.
At the BEMR Lab, one of the cool simulation programs lets you put on high-resolution virtual reality goggles and experience what it is like to be on a ship's bridge--you walk around, see the controls, sensors, navigation plots, and are immersed in the shipboard environment.
BlueShark, developed by the Institute for Creative Technologies with ONR sponsorship, was the beginning of much of the virtual reality work that is today the foundation of the BEMR Lab.
BEMR software lead Joshua Li--a young engineer at SSC Pacific--doesn't mince words about the value of ONR's early Shark attack.
At the same time Buck was ginning up the BEMR Lab, then Chief of Naval Operations Adm.
To date, 1,500 visitors, including senior officers, have visited the BEMR Lab to see what's happening now in MxR, and what might come next.
The BEMR Lab has proved, its advocates say, not only the potential but the actual reality of using various forms of alternate realities.
BEMR technology needs to go from a fascinating concept to Big Navy and acquisition dollars.