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BENBenin (ISO Country code)
BENBlack Environment Network (UK)
BENBalkan Endemic Nephropathy
BENBusiness Engine Network
BENBlack Employee Network
BENBusiness Enterprise Network (Toronto, Canada)
BENBoeing Education Network (The Boeing Company)
BENBilingual Education Network
BENBio-Electronic Navigator (Treasure Planet)
BENBenghazi Benina International Airport (airport code, Libya)
BENBackbone Edge Node
BENBruxelles Environnement News (French: Brussels Environment News; Belgium)
BENbase encyclopedia number (US DoD)
References in classic literature ?
Now, Ben Rogers, do you want to do things regular, or don't you?
Well, Ben Rogers, if I was as ignorant as you I wouldn't let on.
He's made up his mind to make friends with thee," replied Ben.
Then Ben Ali, staring down at his feet, suddenly bellowed out,
Sheik Amor ben Khatour dropped the spilled gold pieces one by one back into the purse.
Adam called out, laying down his tools, striding up to Ben, and seizing his right shoulder.
I shouldn't care, I should leave off," said Ben, with a sense that this was an agreeable issue where grammar was concerned.
They had waited perhaps half an hour when the messenger returned with Kadour ben Saden.
Quivering, not with fear but with rage, Ben Bolt perforce endured the buckling around his throat of a thick, broad collar of leather to which was attached a very stout and a very long trailing rope.
And that is the difference between Ben Jonson and Shakespeare.
Oh, how can you call Ben Hur a novel when it's really such a religious book?
Ben Allen, as he gazed intently on the coals, and a tone of melancholy in his voice, as he said, after a long silence--