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BENDBelgian Elise Netted Drivers (car website)
BENDBega Eco-Neighbourhood Developers, Inc. (Australia; est. 2002)
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Trelleborg's bend restrictors are used to protect flexible pipelines from over-bending and buckling during their installation or operation phase where static loads are generated.
As for techies who made their own bend tests after the reports of the bending phones, some individuals defended Apple and questioned the tests.
2 provides more detail regarding cold and hot bending embedded bars by stating that construction conditions may make it necessary to bend bars that have been embedded in concrete.
The paper suggests that bend gestures may be of utility for people with motor skill limitations that prevented the use of other input systems.
The compression generated by elastic tool increases radial compressive stresses in bend.
The failure assessment procedure was implemented for each bend.
offense - Quarterback: Ethan Ottemiller, North Bend.
The bend radius is typically measured on the inside of the bend.
The bend radius will be wherever the center of the bend is.
Bend the top leg and keep it behind or in front of the straight leg.
14 ERA before being demoted to Single-A South Bend (Ind.