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BENTBeginning Evening Nautical Twilight
BENTBackup Exec Windows NT (Veritas software)
BENTBreast Exposure Nationwide Trends (mammographic quality assurance program; US NIH)
BENTEquipment Indicated Is Inoperative
BENTEquipment Out of Operation
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Recovering himself, however, he bent forward, and, with a good deal of feeling in his ancient visage, beckoned her nearer to him.
Dimmesdale bent his head, silent prayer, as it seemed, and then came forward.
They all seemed to tell; the swords always bent over the opponents' heads, from the forehead back over the crown, and seemed to touch, all the way; but it was not so--a protecting blade, invisible to me, was always interposed between.
So saying, he again bent his bow, but on the present occasion looked with attention to his weapon, and changed the string, which he thought was no longer truly round, having been a little frayed by the two former shots.
The night-wind rustled through the boughs, rocking the flowers to sleep; the wild birds sang their evening hymns, and all within the wood grew calm and still; paler and paler grew the purple light, lower and lower drooped little Annie's head, the tall ferns bent to shield her from the dew, the whispering pines sang a soft lullaby; and when the Autumn moon rose up, her silver light shone on the child, where, pillowed on green moss, she lay asleep amid the wood-flowers in the dim old forest.
They traveled that day and part of the next until they came to the rocky plain where the Tin Woodman lay, all battered and bent.
In the first row, and among those who were most bent over the bed, four were noticeable, who, from their gray
Then once more the Friar bent his back, and, Robin having mounted upon it, he stepped sturdily into the water and so strode onward, splashing in the shoal, and breaking all the smooth surface into ever-widening rings.
Prince Bagration bent his head in sign of agreement with what Prince Andrew told him, and said, "Very good
The girl stood for some time as it had left her, except that her head was bent and her eyes downcast in thought.
Miss Murray bent forwards, and looked out of the window as we were passing Mr.
FOR three years following the disappearance of Prince Richard a bent old woman lived in the heart of London within a stone's throw of the King's palace.