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BENTBeginning Evening Nautical Twilight
BENTBackup Exec Windows NT (Veritas software)
BENTBreast Exposure Nationwide Trends (mammographic quality assurance program; US NIH)
BENTEquipment Indicated Is Inoperative
BENTEquipment Out of Operation
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Test bars were encased in three oak blocks and bent by placing a steel pipe of slightly larger diameter over the bar and applying a force to the pipe using a hydraulic ram.
The test samples were bent using three different values of rubber pressure.
accelerated drying and stabilization of bent components using MW technology.
Jan 19, 2009: Bent was slaughtered by boss Harry Redknapp after missing a sitter against Portsmouth, ridiculing his striker's ability by comparing him to wife Sandra.
Having everything uniform will allow the circuit to be bent considerably sharper than the IPC guidelines recommend, without having any problems.
To achieve that, they clamped one end of a rod in place and then bent the rod short of causing breakage.
Prevent bent pins from happening by lining up the keyway on a connector with the key on the connection.
Back stretch: Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
Keep in mind that the opposite arm is bent for faster motion, just as the lead leg must be slightly bent for faster motion (quicker touch-down).
For Cecchetti assemble both knees are bent just enough to bring the feet into the required position as rapidly as possible, and the dancer shows it by holding it as long as possible.
The week before Bent began to circulate in media screening rooms, a dissonant chorus of Orthodox rabbis raised their voices in protest of a Holocaust museum about to open in New York City.
In the first phase, the sensor is pushed automatically against the workpiece to be bent, close to the die.