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BEOLBack-End-of-Line (electronics)
BEOLBent's Old Fort National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
BEOLBent's Old Fort National Historic Site (La Junta, Colorado)
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The analysts forecast the Global BEOL Wiring Development Equipment market to grow at a CAGR of 1.
Other leading device manufacturers recognize that the closed chamber technology of the ORION([R]) System, when used for BEOL applications, delivers highly efficient removal of etch and ash by-products without causing galvanic corrosion or changes in metal and dielectric film properties.
1 Global BEOL Wiring Development Equipment Market by Geographical Segmentation 2012-2016 08.
The interface between diffusion barriers, IMD layers and copper interconnects is critical in determining the BEOL interconnect delay and reliability, including electromigration and time dependent dielectric breakdown," said Kevin Jennings, senior vice president of Novellus' PECVD Business Unit.
This system will be integrated into the fabrication of 32nm BEOL copper/low-k interconnects and be used in 22nm development activities
We expect that the Alpine BEOL strip applications will provide Mattson with further growth opportunities, doubling our served available strip market.
The FEOL and BEOL contributions cover the surface chemistry of silicon and related semiconductors such as SiGe and Ge, cleaning as related to new gate stacks, cleaning at the interconnect level, resist strip and polymer removal, cleaning and contamination control for various new materials and cleaning after chemical-mechanical-polishing (CMP).
Equipment providers are faced with the challenge of providing innovative tools that demonstrate advanced BEOL capabilities, including high aspect ratio and highly conformal gap fills at 45 and 32nm nodes.
The BEOL Memory(TM) concept enables a CMOS logic foundry to be in the memory business without taking significant risks associated with being in the memory business.
The new imaging modes of Step&Image II showed significant detection benefits to our beta site customers, especially on grainy BEOL metal layers," said Glyn Davies, Corporate VP of Marketing and President of U.
New cleaning capability will be integrated into manufacturing for BEOL copper/low-k interconnect fabrication
GAMA systems are used in leading edge fabs worldwide for both FEOL and BEOL cleaning, and for other surface conditioning applications.