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BEOSBe Operating System
BEOSBlue Eyed Operating System
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In fact, Musgrove reveals the many layers of law and order that called for the violent repression of dissident groups as well as the covert repression of BEOs.
BeOS, an alternative operating system, excels in the areas of audio and video manipulation.
But Mayor Michael Rama said that the two BEOs should address their letter to him so that he could look into their concern.
The iDOT deal, however, is one of the first to see a North American PC maker bundle in the BeOS operating system with its hardware.
Soon, a meeting will likely be scheduled of the BEOs to look into the progress of the installation of CCTV cameras in schools.
In its S-1 filing with the SEC, Be says that its internet appliance strategy is to promote BeOS through relationships with OEMs, application developers, consumer electronic manufacturers and internet service and content providers.
While we were impressed with some of the technology elements in QNX (and BeOS and Chorus, for that matter), we felt that it will be difficult for a proprietary operating system to attract the broad industry support required to be successful over the coming years.
Be, in which Intel Corp holds a 10% stake, hasn't yet made significant revenue from its BeOS operating system, but has high hopes that the multimedia-focused operating system will make it in the internet appliance and set-top box market.