BEPABureau of European Policy Advisers (European Commission)
BEPABrevet d'Enseignement Professionnel Agricole (French: Certificate of Professional Agricultural Education; vocational degree)
BEPABetula Papyrifera (paper birch)
BEPABusiness Emergency Planning Association
BEPABoletim Epidemiologico Paulista
BEPABritish Edible Pulse Association
BEPABritish Egg Products Association
BEPABiodiversity Education and Public Awareness
BEPABureau for Economic Policy and Analysis (South Africa)
BEPABulgarian European Partnership Association
BEPABalochistan Environmental Protection Agency
BEPABusiness Education Partnership Advocate
BEPABioengineering Postdoc Association
BEPABasic Environmental Protection Act
BEPABasic Environmental Policy Act
BEPABike-Commuters of the Environmental Protection Agency
BEPABureau Européen de Prévoyance et d'Assurance (French: European Retirement and Insurance Office)
BEPABald Eagle Protection Act of 1940
BEPABritish European Potato Association
BEPABoston Elementary Principals Association
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before the Court was whether the ESA and BEPA abrogated Dion's
SRS), the industry leader in on-demand building energy assessment and proprietary benchmarking software, today announced it will sponsor a new whitepaper: Measurement and Verification in Energy Performance Contracting Using the ASTM BEPA Methodology .
BEPA produced a new Lion logo in July 2008 to differentiate from the standard Lion logo for shell eggs.
It is disappointing that BEPA feels the need to misinform with the inference that imported egg products are somehow substandard.
Like NEPA in the United States, BEPA sets forth general principles, fundamental policies, and an administrative framework for environmental preservation and remediation.
The paper is focused on how the ASTM BEPA Standard data collection and analysis methodology is being integrated with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) level I and II energy audit guidelines as applied to commercial and public buildings (download paper).
The paper is focused on how the ASTM BEPA standard meets the property transaction due diligence market need for a consistent, statistically accurate and fully-transparent methodology for building energy use data collection, cost data collection and analysis (download paper).
Clive Frampton, chairman of the BEPA, said: "This outbreak couldn't have come at a worst time for the egg processing industry.
Committee members Director General BEPA, Ghulam Rasool Jamali, Chief of section Environment P& Department Ikram ul Haq, City District Government, Chief Coordinator Ghulam Qadir Lehri, Director Meteorology Saifullah Shami, Dr.
It hopes to convince technical experts that this is the obvious route as all BEPA egg products have gone through an extremely rigorous quality control scenario.
The truth is that Kuneva had applied for the position of the Head of BEPA but much to his regret, Barroso had to deny the appointment," the online edition New Europe reported at the beginning of March.
On February 9 Bulgaria's new European Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva took over from Kuneva at a short meeting at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, but it was reported that Commission President Barroso would appoint Kuneva as head of BEPA.