BEQBibliothèque Electronique du Québec (French: Electronic Library of Quebec; Canada)
BEQBinaural Equalizer
BEQBachelor Enlisted Quarters (US DoD)
BEQBuilding Energy Quotient (labeling program)
BEQBusiness Ethics Quarterly (journal)
BEQBranch If Equal
BEQBest Estimated Quantity
BEQBrand Equity Quiz (competitive advertising and marketing quiz)
BEQBury St. Edmunds Honington (airport code; Royal Air Force station; England, UK)
BEQBeneficiary Eligibility Query (insurance)
BEQBio-Equivalence (pharmacology)
BEQBreak-Even Quantity
BEQBroadband Edge QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation; BigBand Networks, Inc.)
BEQBatch Eligibility Query (healthcare)
BEQBeck Engineering & Quality AB (Sweden)
BEQBiomechanical Efficiency Quotient (celebral palsy research)
BEQBulletin d'Exploitation Quotidien (French: Daily Operating Bulletin; Transport Canada)
BEQBasic Evaluative Question
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Looking forward, the BEQ said that the performance of the Bahraini economy in the near term is likely to benefit from a number of positive drivers, which should translate into robust near-term growth figures.
The central position of the BEQ is based on the fact that it represents an aggregate result of a long-term accumulation of various influences generated by activities of entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial entities.
Another shipmate was driving by the BEQ entrance an hour later when he saw the E-1 stagger to the lawn and fall on his face.
Table 1 indicates that the cross-lagged correlation between UCLA overall scores at Time 1 and BEQ scores at Time 2 was significantly greater than the cross-lagged correlation between overall BEQ scores at Time 1 and UCLA scores at Time 2 (z = 1.
While comfort and style have always been an issue with barracks tenants, Sailors like Fireman Apprentice Sorida Ivanes, who is attached to the legal offices of Norfolk Naval Station, find BEQ rooms more than suitable.
The BEQ component represents the aggregate result of the long-term influence of various territorially bound factors determining (while interacting with the SEQ) initial conditions of the economic development of individual regions [21] and SEQ component is considered to be the aggregate result of various territorially bound factors forming (in interaction with the BEQ) the basic conditions for the social development of regions.
Other MWR Liberty Programs throughout the Navy provide similar assistance in getting BEQ and shipboard junior Sailors off the base for fun and relaxation.
Khalid Al Rumaihi, Chief Executive of the EDB, commented on the findings of the BEQ report: "We are very encouraged by the resilience of the Bahraini economy in the face of a challenging global economy.
BEQ stated it anticipates infrastructure growth in Bahrain, with $6bn (BHD2.
The BEQ also highlighted expectations of further growth in key sectors such as infrastructure, with nearly $6 billion worth of projects allocated, $3.
The BEQ also highlights expectations of further growth in key sectors such as infrastructure, with predictions of increasing momentum in the coming months.
This new project follows the 2010 selection of BigBand's BEQ platform for Gehua's interactive HDTV and broadband Internet services.