BEQBBank of England Quarterly Bulletin (UK)
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162), and the BEQB continued to show an interest in movements in competitiveness (e.
The BEQB described the initial cuts as "made in the light of developments in the domestic monetary and economic situation and taking full account of the need to maintain market confidence in the authorities' commitment to the counterinflationary stance of policy and to the ERM discipline" (1991b, p.
There was plenty of short term 'noise' of this sort, documented in the BEQB for the earlier years in particular (but largely ignored in the second section above precisely because it was short-term noise), but there were also a number of large movements of the exchange rate which fell into this category, notably those which led to the two major overvaluations.
References in the text to BEQB 1975a/b/c/d etc are to numbers 1/2/3/4 of the BEQB in the year concerned, while references to BEIR 1994a/b/c/d etc are to the (separate) issues of the Inflation Report.