BEROBusiness Enterprise Resource Office (Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development; Nashville, TN)
BEROBackup Explicit Route Object
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Many more of those affected said they wouldn't vote," Beros told reporters.
This was a progressive stance for 1943 and positions Beros and other returned servicemen as allies in the struggle for Aboriginal equality.
International Championship men's singles first round: R Schuttler bt S Bruguera 7-6 6-0, V Liukko bt I Beros 6-3 2-6 6-2, D Hrbaty bt L Zovko 7-5
Then Cammy Mather was unlucky to be sent to the sin-bin by referee Christophe Beros for a questionable high-tackle.
Co-producer Beros is developing "Everlasting Things," a $6.