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BERPBuzz Extension and Resistance Piece (brass horn mouthpiece practice aid)
BeRPBerkeley Restaurant Project (automated restaurant information)
BERPBusiness Emergency Response Plan
BERPBiological & Environmental Research Program
BERPBolted Equipment Removal Path/Panel
BERPBritish Experimental Rotor-blade Programme
BERPBureau of Environmental Radiation Protection (New York)
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All Merlin Mk3 helicopters have air refueling capability and this trial is the latest step in providing an Operational Release for in-service Merlin Mk3 helicopters fitted with the advanced design BERP III and BERP IV rotor blades.
The former had already built and flown a treble-engined 38-seat A101G as long ago as October 1964, while the latter had started using plastic blades on the Lynx and later worked on the BERP blade, the initial version of which first flew in the early 1980s.
PHOTO : With the new BERP blade design allowing high blade-tip speeds, a Westland Lynx broke the