BESEBoard of Elementary and Secondary Education
BESEBusiness Energy Solutions Expo (annual conference)
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Selective admission is permitted at OPSB district and charter schools and at BESE charter schools, but not at RSD schools.
BESE directly oversees four charter schools, educating four percent of the student population.
86) Pursuant to Act 9, the RSD is legally empowered to take over and operate failed public schools after a BESE vote, and to control and expend the LSD's share of its state and local MFP dollars.
For example, the district technology facilitator in the Lafayette Parish Public Schools coordinates training of faculty and staff, offering semester-long classes where the tuition and a stipend is paid by BESE.
While the BESE tinkers with numbers in the name of progress, true progress would be an end to formulas and limits, and a society in which families have the right and opportunity to spend education dollars at the school of their choice.
As of early 2013, virtually all of the new seats authorized for Boston under the 2010 amendment have been approved by BESE, leaving no room for additional growth in city charters.
But former OPSB and BESE board member Leslie Jacobs, widely regarded as the founder of Louisiana's school reform movement, correctly predicted that BESE did not have the votes to oppose Pastorek.
So I ask you, when there's a School Board meeting or there's a BESE Board meeting or there's an issue dealing with education in the legislature, does it occur to you that that's something we should be concerned about?
McDermott is a former Worcester teacher, Massachusetts State Teacher of the Year, member of the MCAS Development Committee, member of the BESE Board of Education, and Clinical Faculty Assistant Professor of Education at Clark University.
According to AEE's Director of Trade Shows, Brian Douglas, "The BESE show is more important than ever before.
Massachusetts BESE members and other soft-skills advocates have often pointed to West Virginia as a beacon when it comes to incorporating workforce development and 21st-century skills into public school curricula.
Within a few weeks, BESE will act on proposed regulations to impose a new framework for evaluation.