BESEBoard of Elementary and Secondary Education
BESEBusiness Energy Solutions Expo (annual conference)
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BESE directly oversees four charter schools, educating four percent of the student population.
Leslie Jacobs, an at-large member of the state BESE Board stated, "It's hard to find a silver lining from Katrina, but one silver lining is that the school board can start anew.
Selective admission is permitted at OPSB district and charter schools and at BESE charter schools, but not at RSD schools.
291) The legislature is pushing for specialized charter operators as shown by their amendment to the charter-enabling statute in 2012 charging BESE with actively recruiting "chartering groups that offer a program of study or propose to offer a program of study that effectively addresses regional workforce needs, such as career and technical education, industry-based certifications, and vocational course work.
While the BESE tinkers with numbers in the name of progress, true progress would be an end to formulas and limits, and a society in which families have the right and opportunity to spend education dollars at the school of their choice.
Although Commonwealth charters are authorized by BESE and subject to most state laws and regulations governing public schools, they are exempt from certain regulations related to teacher certification and tenure, and they are free from the confines of any preexisting collective-bargaining agreements.
In Saturday's high-profile BESE runoff races, LFC-supported pro-school choice candidates Chas Roemer (R), Carolyn Hill (D), and Kira Orange Jones (D) joined Oct.
So I ask you, when there's a School Board meeting or there's a BESE Board meeting or there's an issue dealing with education in the legislature, does it occur to you that that's something we should be concerned about?
McDermott is a former Worcester teacher, Massachusetts State Teacher of the Year, member of the MCAS Development Committee, member of the BESE Board of Education, and Clinical Faculty Assistant Professor of Education at Clark University.
Investments in the BESE races included those for candidates Jim Garvey, Kira Orange Jones, Jay Guillot, Chas Roemer, and Holly Boffy.
Last December BESE decided to extend the RSD's shelf life rather than return the schools to OPSB control.