BESGBuilt Environment Support Group (South Africa)
BESGBritish Embassy Study Group (est. 1959; Ankara, Turkey)
BESGBusiness and Entrepreneurial Services Group
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Although we believe in the opportunity to build a strong and profitable company with Southern California Waste Water as a foundational entity, we will change our focus to the WTE arena and build an international enterprise with BESG, beginning with Brazil.
John Creel, CEO of BESG, commented, "I am thrilled to have the GEM management team join forces with BESG.
Johannes Steinacker, BESG Executive Vice President of Sales for South America, has methodically built a strong presence in Brazil over the past two years.
What s more, BESG in North America has also started equipping large passenger cars, such as SUVs, with complete exhaust-gas systems.
BESG can individually configure all systems to customer wishes and integrate them into vehicles or machinery, including certification.
Three state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are at the heart of BESG s production operations.