BESPBasic Education Sector Programme (Sri Lanka)
BESPBroadcasting Equipment Standards Procedures
BESPBasic Emergency Service Providers (emergency communications)
BESPBalochistan Education Support Project (Pakistan)
BESPBusiness-Enabling Service Providers
BESPBuilding Energy Simulation Program (performance software)
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For transactions entered into, or materially modified, as of January 1, 2011, when the Company is unable to establish relative selling price using VSOE or TPE, the Company uses BESP in its allocation of arrangement consideration.
The number of executed payments conducted via NSD's correspondent account with the Bank of Russia using the BESP system grew almost four fold amounting to 82,555 payments.
A significant increase in the number of operations conducted using the BESP is mainly caused by technologic improvement of the software and enhancement of the settlement services in the course of conducting of payments through the system.