BESSYBerliner Elektronenspeicherring-Gesellschaft für Synchrotronstrahlung MBH (German)
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At first the plan was just to upgrade BESSY I from 800 million electronvolts (MeV) to 1 billion electronvolts (GeV), but now SESAME will be an even bigger machine.
We realized that merely upgrading BESSY I but keeping its basic structure was not going to be adequate.
The 2 additional cavities will be of a normal-conducting design with damped Higher Order Modes (HOMs) similar to those installed at the ALBA light source in Barcelona and the BESSY and MLS storage rings in Berlin.
Core of the tender is the purchase of a new electron analyzer with very high electron yield and excellent energy resolution for the liquid jet apparatus at the Berlin synchrotron BESSY II of HZB.
The subject of this tendering procedure are design, manufacture, supply and installation of a special terminus at a beamline at BESSY II.
VINMIX DE BESSY got up in the last strides to inflict a harsh defeat on the Philip Hobbs-trained Huguenot at Lingfield, causing much heartache for the runnerup's 1.
The building is directly attached to the existing building of the electron synchrotron BESSY II.
15), while BLACK DE BESSY can make a winning comeback in the betfredpoker.