BESWLBiliary Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
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After breakfast Jurgis was driven to the court, which was crowded with the prisoners and those who had come out of curiosity or in the hope of recognizing one of the men and getting a case for blackmail.
He had collected blackmail from two or three hundred people already, that day, but had not chipped out ice enough to impair the glacier perceptibly.
Then he got up in the world and became an Obi-man, which gives an opportunity to wealth VIA blackmail.
And surely it is equally obvious that the faded finery, the profligate habits, and the shrill irritation of Mr Glass are the unmistakable marks of the kind of man who blackmails him.
You would practically blackmail the father of the girl you love?
Bullying him] How dare you come here and attempt to blackmail me?
This gentleman, who collected fine editions and was a patron of literature, paid blackmail to a heavy-jowled, black- browed boss of a municipal machine.
What do you mean by coming here and trying to blackmail me?
Lord Amber went into wild society in a sort of chivalry; now he's paying blackmail to the lowest vultures in London.
Not for the first time, he was threatened with blackmail.
Perhaps a thought of blackmail occurred to him as a useful possibility in helping him in his designs on Mademoiselle Stangerson.
If I didn't there'd be the very devil to pay in blackmail.