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BETBlack Entertainment Television
BETBrunauer-Emmett-Teller (technique of characterising solids)
BETBureau d'Etudes Techniques (French: Office of Technical Studies; various consultancies)
BETBrunauer Emmett Teller (particle surface area measurements; aka Brunner Emmet Teller)
BETBenign Essential Tremor
BETBrain Extraction Tool (medical imaging)
BETBuilding Entrance Terminal
BETBachelor of Engineering Technology (course/degree)
BETBacterial Endotoxin Test
BETBroadcast Energy Transmitter (G.I. Joe: The Movie)
BETBethel, AK, USA - Bethel (Airport Code)
BETBarbados External Telecommunications Ltd.
BETBest Estimate of Trajectory
BETBusiness Event Type
BETBacon Egg & Tomato (sandwich)
BETBit Error Tolerance
BETBounded Exhaustive Testing (software development)
BETBinary Encoded Ternary
BETBio-Engineering Team
BETBasic Execution Time
BETBigeye Tunny (FAO fish species code)
BETBlurred Edge Time
BETBasic Economic Test
BETBeryllium Worker Training
BETBusiness Execution Team
BETBlow-out Emergency Team
BETBugeye Technologies Inc (Calgary, AB, Canada)
BETBlack Ensemble Theater
BETBoard of Estimate and Taxation (various locations)
BETBusiness English Teaching
BETBiomedical Equipment Technology (various schools)
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Legree, like many other planters, had but one form of ambition,--to have in the heaviest crop of the season,--and he had several bets on this very present season pending in the next town.
You might as well bet a man as he wouldn't catch the rheumatise if he stood up to 's neck in the pool of a frosty night.
Thou hast not won thy bet, Mopo," said the king presently.
He certainly did not bet to win, and had only staked the twenty thousand pounds, half of his fortune, because he foresaw that he might have to expend the other half to carry out this difficult, not to say unattainable, project.
I will not be bound to say that I ever heard him make use of such a figure of speech as "I'll bet you a dollar.
But I bet if there were big news about timber or shipping, he would drop his fun and his fish all right.
I bet fifty imperials"- he spoke French that the Englishman might understand him, but he did, not speak it very well- "I bet fifty imperials.
There could be no reason why he should not play at billiards, but he was determined not to bet.
An' I'll bet he's not particularly joyful at seein' others have a good time.
I bet your daddy and your mother cantered away with the ribbons in their day.
Sweetsir owed 'debts of honor' (as gentlemen call them), incurred through lost bets, to a large number of persons, and among them a bet of five hundred pounds lost to Mr.
But if you're the favorite and everybody thinks you'll win, how does anybody bet against you?