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BETARBio-Energetic Transduction-Aided Resonance (psychoacoustic device)
BETARBrith Trumpeldor (right-wing Zionist youth organization)
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In the 1920s, Jabotinsky sought to carry on Trumpeldor's militant spirit by founding the Betar movement, whose very name, Halkin writes, was a "Hebrew acronym for B'rit Trumpeldor, 'the Trumpeldor League.
Likudnik websites were attacking the press for covering and commenting on the chants of the supporters of the Israeli football team Betar, against Muslim players from Chechnya.
Betar was represented by Robert Santye, President of Sanvest Financial Group, Inc.
Helena went back to her mother," I explained to the rest of the guys, unable to live down the nunnery part; I doubted they would stumble upon her in a convent--the Betar Jerusalem football team didn't play their games there.
Betar Recreation Park, South Glens Falls, NY 518-793-1693
Whilst this does not make the Lemba Jewish, it has apparently sparked interest in them from a number of Jewish organisations, such as South African Jews who invited members of the group to attend a camp organised by the Betar youth movement, Rabbis bringing them books on Judaism, and a Jewish education program, funded by Kulanu, an organisation from America which supports groups around the world, of all and any racial backgrounds, who believe they have Jewish roots or seek to convert to Judaism (pp.
East Jerusalem, and Betar Illit, and Giv'at Ze'ev in the West Bank.
The Housing Ministry statement Sunday said it was marketing land for 500 homes in Har Homa, 348 in Betar Illit and 180 in Givat Zeev.
Over the years I also visited settlements such as Ariel, Ma'ale Adummim, Betar Illit and Kirya Arba, which resemble the South African luxury suburbs of Sandton and Constantia with their fine homes, supermarkets, schools and hospitals.
For the widows of Jerusalem and the orphans of Betar.
Aguiar, 32, is a well-known Brazilian-US-Israeli energy tycoon who resides in Israel and has earned prominence for significant charitable contributions and for becoming the principal sponsor this year of Jerusalem's two leading sports teams, Betar (soccer) and Hapoel (basketball).
Now, 2,500 apartments are under construction in the settlements, mostly in Modi'in Illit, Betar Illit, Ma'aleh Adumim and Givat Ze'ev.