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But if we add tobacco products with the betel leaf and eat them on a regular basis, then it affects our oral health," said B K Suman, a doctor.
In India, the most common forms of smokeless tobacco used are tobacco with lime (khaini), gutka and betel quid.
25 percent of all betel nuts are made up of arecoline, the effects of which are similar to Nicotine, which produces a feeling of euphoria and acts as a stimulant.
Then I discovered Betel, which had been founded (almost three decades ago) in Spain.
The anti-depressant effects of ethanol extract of betel nuts have been reported (Dar and Khatoon, 1997).
The result is mixed with water or oil then wrapped in the leaf of the betel piper vine.
Bangladeshi exports to Oman include processed and live fish, betel leaves, vegetables, raw jute and jute goods, knitwear, leather goods, and printed materials.
Summary: Burma's streets stained red by people chewing and spitting betel nuts.
Most of them were young people with tattoos and dyed hair smoking cigarettes and chewing betel nuts.
5 percent used smokeless tobacco and 63 percent used betel nut regularly.
Al Awadhi stated that since higher fines for paan spitting and trading were imposed, the walls and pavements fouled by betel juice have gone down significantly by 70 per cent.