BEWGBenthos Ecology Working Group (sea exploration)
BEWGBrucellosis Eradication Working Group (cattle infections; Texas)
BEWGBoipatong Environmental Working Group (South Africa)
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Bei kong Heng Shi is the Joint Venture company established by BEWG and Shang Hai Heng Shi Wealth Investment limited company.
Bei Kong Guo Shou Water Fund is the first fund that BEWG cooperate with insurance company.
According to a report carried by Xinhua, Zhang Zhenpeng, managing director of BEWG International, discussed the company's activities in a speech during Singapore International Water Week.
BEWG International will be an umbrella firm to operate the group's current and potential investments in markets outside the Chinese mainland.
BEWG operates more than 300 water plants and water treatment facilities, with a combined capacity of about 20 million tons per day, Xinhua reported.
The Project is to support BEWG for the development of eight wastewater treatment projects and four water treatment projects in China.
Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, BEWG is 44% owned by Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited ( BEHL ), an investment vehicle of the Beijing Municipal Government.
The twelve IFC financed project companies are directly or indirectly held by BEWG (China) Investment Co.
At present BEWG does not have any projects in the country, however it participated in a tender last December to build the second Newater plant at Changi.
BEWG has strategically positioned itself as a "leading integrated water system solution provider".
With its first-tier expertise in project design, environmental protection facilities, and engineering consulting service, as well as the multiple advantages in core technology, technology research and development, strategic alliances, project management and financing channels, BEWG has successfully undertaken certain acquisitions by means of equity interest acquisition, TOT, BOT, entrusted management etc.
dollars for the Beijing-based company and its subsidiary, BEWG Environmental Group, and a complementary loan of 120 million U.