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BExBusiness Explorer
BEXBackup Exec (Veritas)
BEXBackup Express (Syncsort)
BEXBusiness Express
BEXBuckeye Express (high-speed Internet service; Buckeye Cablevision, Inc.; Ohio and Michigan)
BEXBuilding Exchange (European conference)
BEXBanco Exterior de España (Spanish: Exterior Bank of Spain; trade finance bank)
BEXBroadband Exchange
BEXBoard of Examiners
BEXBureau de l'Exécution des Peines (French: Office for the Execution of Sentences)
BEXBudget Execution (NOAA division)
BEXBuffer Overflow Exception
BEXBureau Extrusion (French: Extrusion Office)
BEXBuild Execution
BEXBroadside Exchange
BEXBoston Equity Exchange (Boston, MA)
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Anyone who would like to |perform or suggest a music event to be put on in the arcade should email Bex at bextyas@gmail.
As well as acting in films including Candy Canes, Dial B for Blunder, The Shadows and The Star, Bex works as a psychology consultant, make-up artist and writes film scores for horror movies.
Andy Bex said: "Printing from home is time-consuming and expensive.
In a highly regulated environment, BeX delivers exceptional customer value with its all-electronic, order-driven, open market model that is completely Reg NMS compliant.
Customers are using the capabilities of BEX to fully leverage their VMware investments.
Next stop is the Miss England final in Leicester on July 13-14, and Sedgefield supremo Jim Allen believes Bex has a strong chance of taking the main event, where one of her rivals will be the winner of last night's Miss Newark & District qualifier at Southwell.
A terrified Bex was only acting in self-defence, when Pete confronted her in hospital and threatened to rape her again.
An extreme data protection solution, Syncsort BEX enables organizations to unlock previously unattainable value from their data and delivers a five minute return to operations in the face of inevitable data loss events.
While Bex thrives on the thuggery, Dom is horrified by the violence but he cannot break free, and his parents (Eddie Webber, Camille Coduri) are powerless to help.
The competition finalists, including Photon Star LED, Primace Associates Ltd, Fire Fly Safety and Nu-Phalt Ltd, were given the opportunity to exhibit at the BEX conference which attracts industry leaders from across the globe.
Bex was mocked by the housemates when she abandoned her tyre after 10 minutes.