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BEZBaldor Electric Company (stock symbol)
BEZBezier Surface File (file extension)
BEZBeijing Electronic Zone (China)
BEZBrigadas Emiliano Zapata (Spanish: Emiliano Zapata Brigades)
BEZBeijing Experimental Zone (China)
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Ftima Bez has also highlighted the issue that exists with the distribution of tasks in the home, since in Spain women spend an average of 2.
Bez - real name Mark Berry - was a maraca player, dancer and the mascot of Salford band Happy Mondays, having been invited in by singer Shaun Ryder shortly after the band was formed.
Bez now lives in the countryside on the English and Welsh border and chuckles: "I'm in the middle of nowhere.
Bez said he had "never voted before in my life" but after a personal political awakening now thought it was "every man's duty to vote.
It's my duty to get into people's conscious minds and make them realise what they are doing," Bez told a patronizing Andrew Neil on BBC's Sunday Politics programme.
Bez is not the first pop star who has ventured into the world of politics.
Autocar has reported that Bez will turn 70 this autumn and will announce his retirement sometime this year.
Asked how many cars he expects to sell per year, Bez said that opening a showroom does not mean sales will immediately soar.
Former band mate Shaun Ryder has revealed how close Bez came to bedding the A-list beauty after she eyed up his moves in a Hollywood club in the early 90s.
Bez added that the manufacturer will be opening 14 dealers in the country.
But his former bandmate Bez told The People: "It's all porkies.
FORMER Happy Mondays star Bez has lost his appeal against conviction for assault - and was warned he would be re-arrested in the dock if he did not calm down.