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BEduBachelor of Education
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Once, in 1946, Thesiger lay starving on a sand dune in the Empty Quarter for three days, waiting for his Bedu companions to bring back food and water and tortured by the hallucinations of cars and lorries that could carry him to safety.
But our bedu have an uncanny sense of direction," Richard said.
Lawrence knew] his role was to steer [the Bedu tribesmen], and not to command.
Bedu have a malignant prejudice against the hat, and believe that our persistence in wearing it (due probably to British obstinacy of dictation) is founded on some immoral or irreligious principle.
Lawrence insubordinately devises a more culturally appropriate strategy for the nomads: "'The desert is an ocean in which no oar is dipped' and on this ocean the Bedu go where they please and strike where they please.
Pebercan's exploration manager, Patrice Bedu, told Upstream magazine on Oct.
After a three-month camel trek across the parched Empty Quarter, the Brit arrived with his Bedu guide at the shore of the Arabian Gulf to find: "A small, dilapidated town dominated by a large castle.
Guibourdenche J, Bedu A, Petzold L, Marchand M, Mariani-Kurdjian P, Marie F, et al.
This leads to considerations that Arab culture is based on so-called "traditional" values, inherited, for instance, from a mythical Bedu way of life, cradle of purity, as opposed to "modernity," which amounts to rejecting the imports of cultural mixture, viewed as a result of foreign domination.
I was even told by one Bedu, who hired his horses out to tourists, that they had air conditioning.
Three of the four volumes under review here deal with aspects of the articulation and conceptualization of the relationship between nomadism and sedentariness, between the Bedu and the oppidans, in the early Islamic Middle Ages.