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BEduBachelor of Education
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Roger Webster, who led the social science team, advised on recognising the special needs the Bedu have for the utilities and mobile services that are so designed and located that the Bedu can maintain their preferred lifestyle, obtaining a share the amenities the government was providing everyone in Oman.
bedu goft kay shah mehman bebaydat khordan hami na-gozir pir 653.
Once, in 1946, Thesiger lay starving on a sand dune in the Empty Quarter for three days, waiting for his Bedu companions to bring back food and water and tortured by the hallucinations of cars and lorries that could carry him to safety.
u (all derivatives, 65): ae:smogu, aedelu, bedu, bierhtu, bisgu, brae:du, clufu, cwalu, cwudu, daru, de:afu, engu, faru, forgifu, forlae:tu, fremu, gebaecu, gebro:dru, gebygu, gedaeftu, gelatu, gelyndu, (ge)re:dru, (ge)sacu, (ge)snyttru, (ge)stalu, geswe:oru, geswicu, getimbru, getogu, gedrafu 1, gewae:pnu, giefu, goldsmidu, hae:lu, hae:tu, latu, lengu, menigu, menniscu, micelu, myrdu, naecedu, notu, ny:dnimu, ondrysnu, rudu, sacu, sceadu, scoru, sincaldu, strengu, swiftu, taru, trodu, de:ostru, ungerisnu, unlae:du, unrihtwi:su, undaeslicu, unwemmu, wegu, wi:du, wracu, ymbfaru
Viename privaciame pokalbyje analizuojant dabartine Lietuvos politine ir socioekonomine situacija, vienas kolega tai, kad salyje per 50 okupacijos metu isnyko kritinio mastymo ugdymas ir tradicija, ivardijo kaip esmine visu Lietuvos bedu priezasti.
Baobab Expeditions is offering a program to enable clients to discover the Holy Land of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, with the opportunity to traverse the Sinai desert with the Bedu tribe.
The first reference to character with royal connections is to Bedu Addo, the first husband of Araba Jesiwa.
The Badia is arid land in the Middle East where the Bedu live.
Thomson of the Syria and Holy Land Mission, who gives an eyewitness description of Mohammad Ali, the "king" of Egypt, whom Thomson saw riding through the streets of Jaffa after Egyptian troops had put down a Bedu rebellion in the area: "There are not many parallel cases on record; and perhaps no man living, who, all things considered, has accomplished so much, and been so uniformly successful, as Mohammed Ali.
I'm longing to see some bedu," Richard said, "preferably some ferocious ones.
The British joked at the time that the Bedu could smell gold on the wind, for the tribesmen were obsessed by the metal.