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BF1Binding Factor 1
BF1Bovine Prothrombin Fragment 1 (biochemistry)
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Place of rice sample collection Coding of Aspergillus isolates No 1 Gadag, Karnataka, India - 2 Bangalore, Karnataka, India BF1,BF2 3 Mysore, Karnataka, India MYF1, MYF2, MYF3, MYF4, MYF5 4 Madikeri, Karnataka, India CF1, CF2, CF3, CF4 5 Haveri, Karnataka, India HF1, HF2 6 Mandya, Karnataka, India - 7 Devenahalli, Karnataka, India DEF1, DEF2 8 Madurai, TamilNadu, India - 9 Shivagangai, Tamil Nadu, India SHF1, SHF2 10 Salem, Tamil Nadu, India - Table 2.
Where AF1 and BF1 are the mean values of A x R and B x R, respectively.
Based on Miscellanea miscella/ Ranikothalia sindensis/Discocyclina ranikotensis an assembledge biozone BF1 is defined and the Lockhart Limestone is dated as Late Paleocene (Late Thanetian).
NS NS Marbling score ** ** NS LLBF (cm) NS ** ** BF10 (cm) NS * ** BF1 (cm) NS * ** LMA ([cm.
2] BF1 331 56 275 BF2 315 51 264 Total Area Area Samp.
The larger increases in K accumulation in crop biomass were consistent with the large differences in the peanut crop grown in the study on the BF1 soil at Taabinga (Table 5), but the significant increase in K uptake with differing amounts of tillage and fertiliser K redistribution was unexpected.
Appendix 1 Items Within Each Experiential Value Factor BF1 Website Functionality B14 Official website offers full information for players.
To amplify both the chimeric CYP21P/CYP21 and CYP21 molecules, primers BF1, AF1, and 21BR (Table 1) (12) were mixed in a 50-[micro]L reaction.
Table 2 Principle Component Loadings for the Batson & Schoenrade (BQuest) Items Batson & Schoenrade Quest Items BF1 BF2 BF3 Change Questions Doubts Religious views still QB12 0.