BFBPBanque Fédérale des Banques Populaires
BFBPBona Fide Benefit Plan
BFBPBerau Forest Bridging Project
BFBPBeginning Farmer Bond Program
BFBPBoiler Feed Booster Pump
BFBPBase Finished Back Panel (cabinet)
BFBPBatch Fit to Best Paths (algorithm)
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the holding company for CIFG's Triple-A rated financial guaranty subsidiaries, today announced that Natixis and its controlling shareholders, Banque Populaire Group ("BFBP") and Caisse D'Epargne Group ("CNCE"), have agreed that BFBP and CNCE will provide $1.
Fitch believes that the execution of the CIFG's recapitalization is a demonstration of the strong support and commitment of its new shareholders, BFBP and CNCE.
Natixis is publicly owned by BFBP and CNCE, with the balance publicly traded.