BFBSBritish Forces Broadcasting Service
BFBSBritish and Foreign Bible Society
BFBSBudgerigar and Foreign Bird Society (est. 1938; Canada)
BFBSBritish Forces Broadcasting System
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A single control panel with a customised user interface allows BFBS staff to efficiently view the broadcaster's entire transmission workflow.
BFBS Shorncliffe is for Gurkha soldiers and their families based at the Sir John Moore Barracks, Folkestone, Kent.
We are delighted to be returning to Camp Bastion for a third year, working very closely with our friends at BFBS to connect Service personnel with their families back in the UK and around the world," Hughes said.
However by the deadline in April 2012, only BFBS under the umbrella of the Services Sound and Vision Corporation, had found itself able to submit a bid.
This is Mike's first tour with BFBS to Afghanistan.
Since becoming a presenter on BFBS, which goes out to the Armed Forces in 23 different locations, Jessie has travelled across the world, visiting places like Kuwait, Gibraltar, Belize, the Falklands and Afghanistan twice.
Hermina Campbell, a presenter with BFBS Radio 2, said today the forces network will carry an interview with the lads on October 18.
Roger Steer, author of a voluminous history of the BFBS, deals with the intricacies of church politics as the BFBS affirmed its nonsectarian stance in a nation that has an established Church.
This achievement, as well as our ongoing relationship with SSVC and our involvement with the distribution of BFBS TV, is a source of pride for everyone at New Skies.
The new BFBS TV schedule provides viewers with more live television from the UK across 8 core channels but more will be added later this year.
The 49-year-old was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of being the proprietor of a webpage selling illegal subscriptions to Sky UK, BFBS and Nova Greece.
Along with signed merchandise from Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Coogan, Top Gear's James May, a signed Liverpool FC football, and a chance to meet James Blunt, the Zulu posters will go up for auction on the BFBS website.