BFDSBoston Financial Data Services
BFDSBatch File Distribution System
BFDSBureau of Food and Drug Safety (Texas Department of Health)
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The decrease in equity in BFDS earnings from fourth quarter 2012 is driven by lower shareowner processing revenues associated with reduced levels of accounts serviced.
State Street and BFDS were selected on the basis of several critical factors," said Christopher L.
Over the past 30 years, BFDS has built its position as the largest mutual fund transfer agent in the United States, and today employs nearly 2,600 individuals and serves a client base of over 21 million shareholder accounts.
The decrease in equity in BFDS earnings from second quarter 2012 is primarily from lower revenues associated with reduced levels of accounts serviced.
Employee termination expenses at an unconsolidated affiliate, BFDS, associated with a reduction in workforce, included in equity in earnings of unconsolidated affiliates in the amount of $2.
With the demand for quality shareholder services becoming more and more critical as investment products become increasingly complex, our clients value the unique relationship we have developed with BFDS.
The combination of State Street's investment services expertise coupled with DST's technology capabilities helped build the foundation for our tremendous growth," said Steve Towle, president of BFDS.
The decline in BFDS earnings is from decreased revenues associated with decreased accounts.
DST's equity in BFDS earnings for second quarter 2012 was $2.
as described above, BFDS from lower accounts serviced and IFDS L.
BFDS is a jointly-owned subsidiary of State Street and DST Systems, Inc.
Nuveen selected State Street and BFDS based on their combined abilities to service the broadest requirements of mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), from shareholder servicing to custody and accounting.