BFDVBudgerigar Fledgling Disease Virus
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A BFDV infection was confirmed in a 3-month-old Meyer's parrot (Poicephalus rneyeri) that died.
The laboratories that received samples were selected empirically based on their ability to perform commercial BFDV PCR testing.
Results show 4 of the 5 laboratories evaluated (80%) had a 95% or greater accuracy when reporting the presence or absence of BFDV in each sample.
This study was done to compare the individual accuracy of 5 laboratories, as well as the overall group accuracy, by using samples that were known positive and known negative for BFDV.
Additionally, genotypic variability of BFDV may result in positive sample results being inaccurately reported as negative.
Natural infection of poultry with psittacine BFDV has not been reported.
The focus of this study was on the practitioner's perspective, rather than to evaluate specifically the scientific validity of BFDV PCR technology used by these laboratories.