BFEABallance Farm Environment Award (New Zealand)
BFEABureau for Far Eastern Affairs
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BFEA has also invited a number of London-based VIPs to attend the one-day conference, including members of the UK's House of Lords, parliament, media and think tanks.
BFEA secretary-general Betsy Mathieson said the petition, calling for peace and prosperity, aims to bring together Bahrainis and expats and is due to be officially launched in the next few weeks.
BFEA said while incidents of street violence passed without major consequences at first, they had recently become more sinister.
BFEA secretary general Betsy B Mathieson, a former GulfWeekly columnist, said: "It is clear that the people of France are interested to further develop our excellent business, cultural and friendship ties and we are so excited to be playing our part in this.
His Majesty's opening words (in the Kingdom of Bahrain Declaration) are 'ignorance is the enemy of peace' and what we are doing here today is sharing this culture and His Majesty's ethos and leadership philosophy with schoolchildren because they are our future," said BFEA secretary general and This Is Bahrain leader Betsy Mathieson.
The BFEA Secretary General pointed out that "This is Bahrain" had started in London before it was held in many other countries and cities like Germany, Belgium, France, New York and Washington.
Airline tickets for those wishing to return home whilst the federation pursues their affairs on their behalf will also be available," said BFEA secretary-general Betsy Mathieson.
BFEA will lead a delegation of more than 200 'THIS IS BAHRAIN" delegates including Ministries, Parliament, Shura Council, Chamber of Commerce and Businesswomen's Societies, Religious Institutes, Clubs, Societies, Charities represented by both Bahrainis and expatriates together.
BFEA respects this and offers discreet support wherever possible.
Bahrain is taking a pioneering role to introduce an international declaration that promotes religious freedom for all, mutual respect and love, peaceful co-existence and the eradication of extremism," said BFEA secretary-general Betsy Mathieson.
It is an honour to be part of the BFEA, which we believe is unique," she said.
We've done eight of these roadshows now and I feel in Rome it was very powerful," BFEA secretary general Betsy Mathieson told the GDN.