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BFFF were grate ful to the sponsors of the awards for supporting them in their recognition of new product development in the industry; including the Year sley Group who sponsored the Retail Sector for the sixth year running.
Meanwhile, the BFFF also announced its intention to change to a limited by guarantee legal entity and has commenced voting on the issue.
Participants ranged in age from 22-60 years with BFFF body from 29-79 kg and measured Z from 305-719 ohms.
8K SNIPPER TSR B800 - BFFF 32K VGA Test C000 - C7FF 32K Video ROM C800 - E7FF 128K High RAM C800 - C8A1 2.
Primary Authority agreements enables assured regulatory compliance for BFFF members of all sizes across local authority borders.
Schools and hospitals, such as the ones studied in the BFFF report, are high-pressure catering environments, and frequently the focus of public concern.
Originally launched in 1994, following on from the UKAFFP Code of Recommended Practice for the Handling of Quick Frozen Foods, the BFFF publication was produced to bring the latest recommended practice for the frozen food supply chain in line with UK and EU legislative changes on quick frozen food.
We are going all out to prove that frozen food delivers the same quality and taste as fresh food," said BFFF Director-General Brian Young.
This research proves that--contrary to the belief of many chefs--the taste and texture of frozen are just as good as fresh," said BFFF director general Brian Young.
June 9 BFFF Dinner Dance & Awards Evening, London,
The market should comfortably pass the landmark 5bn [pounds sterling] barrier during 2009, according to BFFF director general Brian Young.