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BFFLBest Friends for Life
BFFLBe Fit for Life (Canada)
BFFLBlackice Fantasy Football League (Brooklyn Park, MN)
BFFLBoyfriend For Life
BFFLBest Fantasy Football League
BFFLBowl-Bound Fantasy Football League
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Second BFFL is almost as bad - she's a honey chilli girl and it took her less than a minute to order her favourite chicken dish.
Third BFFL is a true bargain queen and was determined to get the most for her money so, while we all settled for a main course, she took the three-course option.
Trollz Padz -- The one-stop shop for all things Trollz, including: * My Troll -- Choose your troll's "faves", print your Trollz BFFL Membership cards to give friends, and access general account information * My Closet -- The place where all your mall purchases are stored for future use (hairdos not included).