BFISTBradley Fire Support Team (M7 Bradley Fire Support Vehicle crew)
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Engine, Fuel Pump, NSN NSN Vehicle Engine 2815-01- 2910-01 MLRS, Bradley A0 500 HP 105-6445 217-8309 MLRS A1 500 HP Centry 463-7941 479-2471 MLRS A1 600 HP Centry 509-3958 514-7372 Bradley A2, A2 ODS, 600 HP 290-1290 384-5304 Linebacker, BFIST Bradley A2, A2 ODS, 600 HP reduced 423-0929 432-0373 A3, Linebacker, BFIST white smoke
Loose hardware may be a problem on some -A3 Bradley and BFIST vehicle distribution boxes (VDB), NSN 6110-01-465-1847.
This link illustrates the major Direct Support Electrical System Test Set (DSESTS) components needed to run diagnostics on line replaceable units (LRU) for the M1, M1A1, M1A2SEP, M2A2/M3A2 ODS and A3 Bradleys, M6 Linebacker, M7 BFIST, and M104 Wolverine.
Thirteen BFIST vehicles and the 40 ODS kits were previously announced by TACOM under an undifinitized modification awarded on May 14.
Strap NSN Vehicle Use 5340-01- M2, M2A1 Ball port weapons 196-4677 M2, M2A1, M2A2 Missiles (vertically) 312-9553 M3, M3A1, M3A2, M3A2 ODS, M3A3 25mm ammo box 196-4677 M3, M3A1, M3A2, M3A2 ODS, M3A3 Missile rack 198-0508 M2A2, M2A2 ODS Right squad bench seat 461-3805 M2A2, M2A2 ODS Left squad bench seat 457-0202 M3A2, M3A2 ODS, M3A3 Bench seat 459-7941 M7 BFIST NBC decontamination box 196-4677