BFITBenjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (Boston, Massachusetts)
BFITBattle Force Inport Training
BFITBattle Force Interoperability Testing
BFITBattle Force Inport Trainer
BFITBefore Federal Income Tax
BFITBeratung für Informationstechnologie (Salzburg, Austria)
BFITBasic Firefighter Indoctrination Training
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The announcement follows an earlier report by Reuters on OSK's USD65m (EUR46m) acquisition of Thai BFIT Securities.
The proceeds from the sale will be used as working capital and to invest in expanding financial facilities services, BFIT Securities.
What happened will most certainly hurt tourism, and will likely hurt consumer confidence as well as consumer spending," said analyst Aekpittaya Iemkongaek at brokerage BFIT Securities.
Some in the Navy's training community call it the BFIT, for Battle Force In-Port Trainer; others refer to it as the Battle Force Tactical Trainer, BFTT, presaging its eventual functionality as an at-sea, multiship simulation system.
BFIT differs from BFTT in that the ships must be in port to participate, linked through conventional communication paths.