BFJBundesamt für Justiz (German: Federal Office of Justice)
BFJBund Freier Jugend
BFJBritish Food Journal (UK)
BFJBuckhurst Fish & Jacquemart, Inc. (New York, NY)
BFJBread for the Journey (Mill Valley, CA)
BFJBuckner Funken Jazz (band)
BFJBudsjettnemnda for Jordbruket (Norwegian: Budget Committee for Agriculture)
BFJBoulder Friends of Jazz (Boulder, CO)
BFJBigfoot Java (Pacific, WA)
BFJBreast-feeding Jaundice
BFJByteguys Family Journal (website)
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Kelly BFJ, Acworth RI, Greve AK (2011) Better placement of soil moisture point measurements guided by 2D resistivity tomography for improved irrigation scheduling.
Instead of using the cumbersome cross-reference system of BFJ, items are repeated in every category that applies.
BFJ uses a number of locations around Union Square to conduct its study, which entails using people on the street counting pedestrians, a formula, and other information like MTA ridership numbers.
Kelly BFJ, Allen D, Ye K, Dahlin T (2009) Continuous electrical imaging for mapping aquifer recharge along reaches of the Namoi river in Australia.
According to the foot traffic study conducted by BFJ Planning, between the peak shopping hours of noon and 2 p.
Key findings of the studies include: -- Cost Estimate, study by Halcrow, LLC, a large UK-based engineering firm with worldwide experience in the design of light rail systems: - vision42's proposed light rail system will cost less to operate than buses, and carry three times as many passengers - NYC may become the home to the world's first fuel-cell propelled light rail line -- Potential Economic Impact, study by Urbanomics, in association with Georges Jacquemart of BFJ Planning, and Amos Ilan Consulting: - Major gains of $3.
BFJ and Ready-For-Anything Rob argued about the precise location of several Parisian streets and ended up drawing maps on my notebook to try and prove their pedantic points.
The Perkins Eastman team includes Perkins Eastman; BFJ Planners; Gary Hack, Dean of the University of Pennsylvania's School of Design; Lynn Sygalan, formerly the head of Columbia University's Real Estate Development Program, who is now at the University of Pennsylvania; Dwight Perkins, Director of Harvard University's Asia Center; Arup; The Olin Partnership and HOK Sport & Event Group.
The Globe, BFJ claims, is a "mild drinkers' pub" - so he started with Cains Dark Mild.