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BFLBass Fishing League (sponsored By Wal-Mart)
BFLBody for Life
BFLBharat Forge Ltd. (Pune, India)
BFLBig Fat Liar
BFLBack Focal Length
BFLBirds in Forested Landscapes (Cornell University program)
BFLBrothers for Life
BFLBakersfield, CA, USA - Meadows Field (Airport Code)
BFLBrigade Française Libre (French: Free French Brigade)
BFLBanned for Life
BFLBreak For Lunch
BFLBomb Fall Line
BFLBuffered Field-Effect-Transistor Logic
BFLBursa Fen Lisesi (Turkey science school)
BFLBakery Future Lines (Italy)
BFLBest Friend for Life
BFLBeamforming Lens
BFLBrian Farrington Ltd (UK)
BFLBetwin Foodball League (France)
BFLBibliothèque Freudienne de Limoges (French psychology association; Limoges, France)
BFLBundesamt für Landestopografie (Swiss Federal Office of Topography)
BFLBusiness/Foreign Language (various organizations)
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Last year Mphasis BFL was rumored to be a takeover target of IBM Global Services, but denied it had been approached.
Overall the BFL average was up almost PS10 at PS564.
The BFL is a 24-division circuit devoted to weekend anglers, offering bigger prizes to those who qualify for regional championships and those who make it to the BFL All-American.
Alongside BFL, a data programme called Steps to Success tracks the progress of each child and sends a report home every seven weeks.
A number of BFL outfits have long adopted PR, among them Elfyn Owen's Cernyw flock at Llanddodged, Llanrwst.
It is life changing," said the 20-year-old Wheeler, who is fishing in his first BFL All-American.
In 2009, the BFL recorded more than 4 million total page views and boasted more than 50,000 registered players.
Designed for contractors, remodelers, and home improvement enthusiasts, the BFL is an online weekly pro football pick-and-win contest.
Secondary BFL segment reacted with new reduction and yield of BFL added another 2a5 bps at the long end of the curve.
Mystic Tackleworks President Howard Hammonds said, "We at Mystic Tackleworks welcome the opportunity to be part of the FLW family of sponsors and to promote our Attraxx baits to a great bunch of fishermen - especially the BFL fishermen.
Two leading insurance brokers, BFL Canada and Lockton, have announced an alliance to serve clients in North America.
3 of the Atomic Energy Act every 10 years to carry out a review and evaluation of nuclear safety the BFL and improve nuclear safety of the plant continuously.