BFMABusiness Forms Management Association
BFMABattlefield Functional Mission Area
BFMABattle Force Maintenance Activity
BFMABusiness/Financial Management Analyst
BFMABurton Financial Management Associates (Illinois)
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In 2002, BFMA beta-tested MD-Connect to send lab results and physicians comments to 5,000 (roughly half) of its clinic patients.
However, it was the Tablet PCs that bridged the software programs and brought comprehensive efficiency to BFMA.
Florescue, President and Chairman of the Board of BFMA, to Mr.
Only after BFMA launched a proxy fight to call attention to this egregious behavior did (they) agree to stop some of these actions.
Florescue demanded specific action from the company's board prior to BFMA spending any more in pursuit of this acquisition.
Florescue commented, "Since BFMA made its offer three months ago, (Mr.
Their inaction simply confirms that, despite what may be in the best interest of shareholders, this board does not want to see this company sold to BFMA or anyone else.
Their inaction makes BFMA believe that they never truly intended to explore a sale of the company.
Florescue, President and Chairman of the Board of BFMA, commented, "We understand that certain large institutional shareholders that voted for the incumbent director slate today received affirmations directly from management and certain directors that the company will form an independent committee to fairly and expediently explore a sale of the company, treat BFMA fairly in the sale process and be open to offers from other interested parties.
The shareholders should keep the pressure on the incumbent directors until the board announces the formation of an independent committee whose sole objective is to sell the company to the highest bidder whether it is BFMA or another interested party.
The ISS report further stated the ISS' belief that "the [BFMA] dissidents have a single goal: to maximize shareholder value by exploring a sale of the company to BFMA or the highest bidder.
BFMA's November 16th letter also advises the Company that BFMA is nominating two directors for election as Class C directors at the Company's 2001 Annual Meeting.