BFMOBase Fuel Management Officer
BFMOBest for Missouri Organization (website)
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Refueling vehicles from organizational bulk-fuel tanks is allowed, but units are required to report issues to the BFMO.
For fuel procured by DESC (contracted), the data flow from the BFMO to DESC, and OLVIMS users retrieve from DESC.
3)" needs to state that organizational bulk-fuel issue data should be processed through BFMO for processing to OLVIMS (AFI 23-204, para 10).
3, "Administering the Fleet Credit Card," to provide BFMO information.
By using the PCN reports and working with the BFMO and vehicle users, problems can be corrected, and vehicle users can be educated to prevent reoccurrence.
Operators and unit tank custodians were not reporting individual vehicle fuel consumption from organizational bulk-fuel tanks to the BFMO.