BFMOCBasic Financial Management Officer Course (US Air Force)
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Scenario-focus: the new BFMOC will be more interactive, with many more scenarios infused throughout the course, including in-depth budget and cost exercises.
Less strategic orientation: the new BFMOC will have a smaller orientation block, with more basic orientation curriculum weaved throughout various blocks of the course to coincide with the scenarios
Each MAJCOM was teamed with an instructor and assigned a scenario to build for inclusion into BFMOC.
The revision process is very detailed and involved, but by the time the process ends, we will have a vibrant, interactive BFMOC, complete with multiple scenarios, injects, and hands-on systems training.
While FMSOC will not undergo the same type of overhaul as BFMOC, there will still be updates to the course.
Just as with BFMOC, there is a still lot of work to do.