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BFNBye for Now
BfNBundesamt für Naturschutz (German)
BFNBuenafuente (Spanish TV program)
BFNBokföringsnämnden (Swedish: Swedish Accounting Standards Board)
BFNBig Fat Negative
BFNBreastfeeding Network (UK)
BFNBuffalo Free-Net (New York)
BFNBritish Forces Network
BFNBeam-Forming Network
BFNBeroeps Fotografen Nederland (Dutch: Professional Photographers Netherlands; est. 1919)
BFNBass Federation Nation
BFNBrowns Ferry Nuclear
BFNBloemfontein, South Africa - Jbm Hertzog (Airport Code)
BFNBlue Falcon Networks (now Akimbo Systems)
BFNBridge to Future Networks
BFNNode B Frame Number (counter; 3GPP specification)
BFNBig Fat Nothing
BFNBig for Nothing
BFNBeam Frequency Network
BFNBumflip Nowhere (polite form)
BFNBand Formation Notice
BFNBarrhaven Freecycle Network
BFNBumpfire.Net (discussion forum)
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In another test of DAS's effectiveness, BFN recently monitored the voltage drop on a ground cable downcomer from the DAS array on the off-gas stack down to the ground via a voltage sensor.
As part of an internal review process, BFN consulted a database of lightning activity to determine the number and location of lightning strikes around the off-gas stack in the three years before and after DAS implementation.
This BFN CPD articulates the Army's near term operational requirements for a BLOS communication capability and begins to bring many of the various DoD and commercial SATCOM programs and initiatives together.
In his conclusions, Hoch comments that together RFV and BFN have "overcome a significant inhibitor to any streaming-related business model: cost-effective, high quality scalability.
In implementing its solutions with Bible Broadcasting Network and Club Radio Mix, BFN will partner with SyncCast, a premier content delivery network (CDN) partner of Exodus.
Finally, obligating FY1 funds before the end of the fiscal year (30 September) to order services that exceed the minimum obligation in severable service ID/IQ contracts should be consistent with the BFN rule.
Vernon Edwards provides an excellent discussion of how the BFN rule and the Severable Services Exception might apply to the ID/IQ services contracts.
Independent producers received awards including BFN Productions for their programme - The Birmingham Bombings and Maverick Television for their work on Channel 4 Ideasfactory
Lanxess also reports that its Pocan DP BFN 4230 is the first polyester to gain VDE certification according to the IEC/EN 60335-1 spec for electrical/electronic parts.
Rolling Meadows, IL-based Niigata Machinery (USA) Co Inc cast the spotlight on the Niigata BFN precision horizontal boring center.
In this project, we analyze the performance of these BFNs operating in the X-band (8-12 GHz).