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BFOBig Faceless Organization (software)
BFOBeat Frequency Oscillator
BFOBlinding Flash of the Obvious
BFOBasic Formal Ontology
BFOBudapest Festival Orchestra (est. 1983)
BFOBunker Fuel Oil
BFOBalanced Forearm Orthosis
BFOBlood Forming Organ
BFOBlazing Flash of the Obvious
BFOBasic Foot Orthosis
BFOBrilliant Flash of the Obvious
BFOBest & Final Offer
BFOBug-Fix Only (software release)
BFOBible Factory Outlet (book store)
BFOBackhaul Follow On
BFOBellmore Faculty Organization
BFOBanque Française de l'Orient (French: French Bank of the East)
BFOBefalets Felles Organisasjon (Norwegian labour union)
BFOBig Fat One
BFOBurkina Faso Outreach
BFOBlanket Factory Outlet (Indianapolis, IN)
BFOBiomechanical Functional Orthotics
BFOBismuth Ferric Oxide
BFOBrother from Oakland (Vitamin C song)
BFOBattleField Outlaws
BFOBereaved Familes of Ontario (Canada)
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BFO have been assessed with use of the amplitudes or power in several frequency bands [5,7,37].
With respect to BPK, BJZ and BLH, the stated maturity is on or about December 31, 2018; with respect to BKK and BFO, the stated maturity is on or about December 31, 2020.
Praise too for the newly-formed BFO chorus which was introduced to us with an unscheduled bonus item of a Bach motet, firmly and joyfully sung.
The segment will explore how BFO has helped Government departments and other organizations save millions of dollars through its innovative GPS-based fleet optimization strategy that helps eliminate surplus fleet vehicles and uncovers transport related operational inefficiencies.
Official SB prices are set monthly at a quality premium over Dated BFO.
BFO is a performance budgeting process that is based on identifying priorities that reflect the results that citizens want, and then developing strategies and funding programs and services aimed at accomplishing those priorities.
Krouse, GMNA Trailering Engineer, BFO - Trailering, and SAE Tow Vehicle Trailer Rating Committee Chairman, said.
The BFO budget-building process includes four basic steps:
The amendments also imposed a windfall tax on international oil companies (IOCs) of 5-50% when the price of dated BFO was above $30/b.
The BFO has three joints and allows the user to move only in the horizontal plane.
Companies mentioned include BFO, CPB, CAG, FLO GIS, HNZ, HSY, IHF, IBC, KBL, K, NA, OAT, SLE, WWY.
If you would prefer to trust the judgment of a more specialist publication, Gramophone puts the BFO in the world's top 10.