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BFOBig Faceless Organization (software)
BFOBeat Frequency Oscillator
BFOBlinding Flash of the Obvious
BFOBasic Formal Ontology
BFOBudapest Festival Orchestra (est. 1983)
BFOBunker Fuel Oil
BFOBalanced Forearm Orthosis
BFOBlood Forming Organ
BFOBlazing Flash of the Obvious
BFOBasic Foot Orthosis
BFOBrilliant Flash of the Obvious
BFOBest & Final Offer
BFOBug-Fix Only (software release)
BFOBible Factory Outlet (book store)
BFOBackhaul Follow On
BFOBellmore Faculty Organization
BFOBanque Française de l'Orient (French: French Bank of the East)
BFOBefalets Felles Organisasjon (Norwegian labour union)
BFOBig Fat One
BFOBurkina Faso Outreach
BFOBlanket Factory Outlet (Indianapolis, IN)
BFOBiomechanical Functional Orthotics
BFOBismuth Ferric Oxide
BFOBrother from Oakland (Vitamin C song)
BFOBattleField Outlaws
BFOBereaved Familes of Ontario (Canada)
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14 that on comparison with IMC and BFO controller techniques, the PSO technique shows a good set-point tracking with minimum deviations.
The simulation results proved that spectrum sensing method based on quantum BFO algorithm is superior to the previous intelligence algorithms.
The optimal cost of small scale problem was found out to be 123185 [$] using lambda iteration method, while as shown in table 1 the optimal cost is calculated as 123859$ and 123423$ using ABC and BFO respectively.
Ensconced in a neo-Ottoman style lounge, the maestro spoke about the BFO with ebullient pride of parentage: "This orchestra to me is like going into a house which I designed myself.
Different schemes were adopted by researchers to synthesize BFO solution [6,7,8,9].
We have conducted a series of studies correlating pathological conditions to the changes of BFO in order to investigate the role of microvascular dysfunction in pressure ulcer risk [7,9,18].
East-Bound Oil Trades From The Persian Gulf Now Requir More Credible Markers Than BFO And Dubai For Sweet & Sour Crudes; North Sea Barrels Are Influenced More From Western Fundamentals Than From Those Of Asia
For direct-to-throat colorant/additive feeding BFO and BF6 auger feeders provide [+ or -] 1% accuracy.
Pianist Richard Goode, who pulled out last year with an injured hand, plays Beethoven and Mozart with the BFO.
Companies mentioned include LVMHY, ECT, NSRGY, BFO, PEP, KO, BHS, FBWGY, WH, EGR, KBL, NA, HSY, RBDGY, AVP.
That physician executive had what I call a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) that changed his life.