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BFPOBritish Forces Post Office
BFPOBritish Forces Posted Overseas
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To fit the PAF[R] format as closely as possible, each BFPO number has been assigned a postcode and the PAF[R] post town field contains “BFPO”, to allow BFPO addresses to be easily included in address management products.
Or to write to one of the 73 soldiers from Cramlington, Hexham or Berwick write to A TA Soldier, 168 Pioneer Regiment RLC, BFPO 643.
Readers in Eire and BFPO must use Sterling cheques.
Posters can be sent to 24862402 Corporal Stephen Kelly, SQMS67GSSQN Rear, Operation Herrick 12, Kandahar BFPO 772.
Anyone wanting to write should address their letters to: Sgt G Cornell 25044044, 2nd Platoon A Company, 1st D & D Light Infantry, Britannia Lines, SLB BFPO 645.
They should be addressed to W1041594, Jennie O'Donnell, 4th Armoured Brigade, Op Telic 5, BFPO 641.
25035488 CPL JOHN REECE RICHARDS, 8 LSR, 5 Radio Det, 5 Sqn, Shaibah Log Base, Op Telic 4, BFPO 645.
25132481, 1st Btn Irish Guards 2 Coy SDG, Battle Group Optelic Kuwait, BFPO 647
Readers in the Republic of Ireland and BFPO use sterling cheques only.
Readers in Republic of Ireland and BFPO, sterling cheques only.
Posters can be sent to 24862402 Corporal Stephen Kelly, FQMF67GFFQN Rear Operation Herrick 12 Kandahar BFPO 772.
The MoD, which operates BFPO, said: "The safety of our aircraft and personnel is paramount.