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BFRBundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (German: Federal Institute for Risk Assessment)
BFRBesoin en Fonds de Roulement (French: Working Capital Requirement)
BFRBrominated Flame Retardant
BFRBiennial Flight Review (aviation)
BFRBona Fide Request
BFRBlood Flow Rate (dialysis)
BFRBiggest Finest Revolver (polite form)
BFRBotafogo de Futebol e Regatas (Brazilian soccer club)
BFRBig Fat Rim (BMX bicycle)
BFRBrain Forest Rytual (band; est. 1992)
BFRBig Freakin' Rock
BFRBlast and Fragment Resistant
BFRBathtub Failure Rate
BFRBlack Flag Racing (motorbike race team)
BFRBig Freakin' Router (polite form)
BFRBattle Field Removal (comics)
BFRBig Freakin' Radio (polite form)
BFRBefore Flight Reliability
BFRBlue Force Reporting
BFRBasic Facility Requirement
BFRBridged Frequency Ringing
BFRBigger, Faster Routers (intranet)
BFRBinary File Replacement (command line program for MS Windows)
BFRBantuelle Freddy Racing (Belgian automobile club)
BFRBatch Failure Rate (film industry)
BFRBest Fraternal Regards
BFRBody Fat Ratio (health statistic)
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410 BFR is threaded to accept a choke, which is designed to give a modified pattern at 30 yards.
The sample size was based on a power analyses from previously published BFR hormone studies in men showing large effect sizes (> 3.
Previous kinetic studies on BFR inhibition of SULT1E1 suggest that the mode of inhibition is by a noncompetitive mechanism (Kester et al.
No significant change was observed in the non-restricted trunk muscles following 3 weeks of twice-daily BFR walk training.
2max]), short-duration (15 min) exercise training with BFR can elicit improvements in muscle volume in healthy young subjects.
Subjects then participated in two cycle ergometer exercise tests with and without BFR in random order on separate days (one day between trials).
The test gun was not ported, something you might want to add depending on how heavy a load you intend to use in the BFR.
If one desires less weight and easier packin', the cylinder must be smaller, as on the BFR .
De La Garza further states, "We are moving in a new business direction and have engaged BFR Capital Group, LLC, a premier Investor Relations firm who will be available for shareholders inquiry.
Global Banking News-4 March 2009-Bank Islam lowers BFR to 5.