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BFRBundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (German: Federal Institute for Risk Assessment)
BFRBesoin en Fonds de Roulement (French: Working Capital Requirement)
BFRBrominated Flame Retardant
BFRBiennial Flight Review (aviation)
BFRBona Fide Request
BFRBlood Flow Rate (dialysis)
BFRBiggest Finest Revolver (polite form)
BFRBotafogo de Futebol e Regatas (Brazilian soccer club)
BFRBig Fat Rim (BMX bicycle)
BFRBrain Forest Rytual (band; est. 1992)
BFRBig Freakin' Rock
BFRBlast and Fragment Resistant
BFRBathtub Failure Rate
BFRBlack Flag Racing (motorbike race team)
BFRBig Freakin' Router (polite form)
BFRBattle Field Removal (comics)
BFRBig Freakin' Radio (polite form)
BFRBefore Flight Reliability
BFRBlue Force Reporting
BFRBasic Facility Requirement
BFRBridged Frequency Ringing
BFRBigger, Faster Routers (intranet)
BFRBinary File Replacement (command line program for MS Windows)
BFRBantuelle Freddy Racing (Belgian automobile club)
BFRBatch Failure Rate (film industry)
BFRBest Fraternal Regards
BFRBody Fat Ratio (health statistic)
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The BFR is a hefty, 5-shot stainless steel revolver wearing an eye-pleasing, soft-brushed finish.
Most of our engineering resources will be dedicated to BFR and so I think that will make things go quite quickly,' Musk said.
At the end of the study period, in comparison with their primary weight, the CTL and Sh groups showed significant weight gain, the BFR group exhibited nonsignificant weight loss (1%), and the Ex, Sh+Ex, and BFR+Ex groups had significant weight loss.
The BFR uses a transfer bar in the trigger/hammer system, so it can be carried fully loaded.
One month after his manipulation, he was referred to physical therapy for BFR due to continued inability to regain his quadriceps strength.
Let's take a closer look at the bones of a BFR and how one performs in accuracy and reliability tests, but first, here's a list of available cartridges and configurations.
Currently there is some information that suggests LI RE with BFR may modulate cardiovascular and hemodynamic responses such as heart rate (HR) (14-18), systolic and diastolic blood pressure (14-18), mean arterial pressure (MAP) (14), rate pressure product (RPP) (14), oxygen saturation (Sp[O.
To the best of our knowledge, this was the first study to investigate the effects of a passive training with BFR on the morphology and isometric strength of primarily slow-twitch muscle fibers.
Several mechanisms have been postulated for the muscular adaptations with low intensity BFR exercise, including a reduction in oxygen content (Tanimoto et al.
I was so happy since three weeks earlier, he'd been in love with mg BFR I said yes, then two months ago, he texted me, "I can't do this anymore.
Not only are Acer's new Aspire notebook and HP's ProBook Energy Star[R] certified, they are also free of PVC and BFR, toxic substances that pose problems once the electronics enter the waste stream, acer.